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    Which America Is It?

    Hanging on the wall in kitchen of Civil Rights Veteran, Joanne Blackmon Bland's home is a calendar of President Obama. “Yeah, I like looking at that,” Joanne says in her weary but full voice. It’s a bit raspy at times, worn out from decades of fighting for her rights. She was eleven when she marched on the Edmund Pettus Bridge… Read More

    The Other Side

    I respect what you have to say just don’t say it. That about sums up the message I received from a relative the other day. Of course, it was a private message. They don’t say these things where other people can comment. So I will. Here is their message: “Loki I respect your right to have an opinion of racism.… Read More

    Are You the Safe Anti-Racists

    I had a recent experience that made me realize there is only so far some will go when it comes to being against racism or at least making such proclamations. I now call them the Safe Anti-Racists or Anti-Racist Lites. There are just some places people don’t want to go when it comes to being against racism or seeing that… Read More

    Can Blacks be Racists?

    I hear this a lot. In fact, I heard it yesterday when someone wrote a response to a post saying that those protesting against racism are racists themselves (they qualified it by saying that it's not the one's protesting back in the 50s and 60s. Remember how I talked about the "Safe Anti-Racists"?). Of course, this is idiotic... or is… Read More

    Emmett Till

    Today is Emmett Till's birthday. He would have been 76 if he wasn't brutally murdered in 1955 after just turning 14 years old a month earlier. I often forget that Emmett Till was the same age as my mother but they lived in two very different worlds. I asked her once if she knew about his murder when she was… Read More

    Dick Gregory

    My mom never talked much about Dick Gregory who passed away last night in D.C. at the age of 84 but last night her voice seemed a little more emotional when talking about the passing of another Civil Rights Activist. I finished watching a movie with my wife when I checked my voicemail. It was my mother and it was… Read More

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