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    September 2018

    Happy School Year! We're excited for a new school year and hope you are too. I know many of you have already started but, for me, the school year in Virginia was always the day after Labor Day. It was called the King's Dominion rule. It would be nice to say that it followed some historic convention established back in… Read More

    May/June 2018

    Our "slow months" don't seem to exist anymore and that's a great problem to have! Before I jump into a recap of the various events that have transpired over the past two months I want to first let you all know of a very exciting development. Over the past couple of years I have had a number of you ask… Read More

    March/April 2018

    A lot can happen in two months and it happens so fast that you look up and realize you haven’t written your monthly newsletter. February started off with a drive to Boise, ID just three days after returning from the Region 4 Conference in Houston, TX. In Idaho we had a screening of the award-winning film, “The Uncomfortable Truth” sponsored… Read More

    February 2018

    Civil Rights Activist and Freedom Rider, Luvaghn Brown, once told me that he didn't believe in celebrating Black History Month, "It's not black history. It's the black experience in American History. Plus, why only give it one month. It's not like everything happened in just one month." Nonetheless, February is an opportunity for us to shine a light on the… Read More

    January 2018

    It's a new year and we're excited to be sharing it with you. We've been busy the past few weeks finalizing plans for January and February and already we have over 15 events scheduled in January alone. February is shaping up to be just as incredible although with fewer engagements but larger events. This month 5th grade teachers in the… Read More

    December 2017

    December 1, 2017 We kicked off the last month with the National Association of Multicultural Educators (N.A.M.E.) Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah with a special screening of "The Uncomfortable Truth". This was a standing room only screening with people even sitting on the floor. It was a pleasure to meet so many new faces and connect with educators who… Read More

    November 2017

    November 2, 2017 The last month has been incredible for the Joan Trumpauer Mulholland Foundation. We started it off with a meeting with the Salt Lake City School District and they not only want to have the "She Stood for Freedom" Curriculum for all of their 5th graders but asked if they could help create a teachers guide for "The… Read More

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