Joan Trumpauer Mulholland

Micro-Scholarship Fund

The 107 historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) have a long history in educating future Black leaders, teachers, doctors, lawyers, authors, scientists and more.

We recognize the important role these hallowed halls of education have played in lifting generations of families out of past oppressions and the role they play today in preserving the identity and strength of the Black community.

However, easily accessible funding for African American students of HBCUs is still falling short in comparison to other universities and colleges. This is why we’ve set up the JTM Foundation Micro-scholarship Fund.

Each week, during the fall and spring semesters, students currently enrolled at an HBCU who have applied for the scholarship will be randomly selected to receive $250 to assist with whatever needs they may have (books, food, gas, rent, etc.). We allow the students to choose how to best allocate the funds for themselves.

And it’s making a difference!

“I was stressed and at times would barely have enough to eat lunch or put gas in my car to get to my teaching site! Once the scholarship was awarded to me it made everything much better!” – K. Lay

“Thanks to your scholarship, I was able to purchase all the required textbooks for my courses and even invest in additional school supplies, such as notebooks and study materials. This has given me the resources and tools needed to excel in my studies and succeed academically.” – L. McKoy A&T University

“The micro-scholarship helped me finish my school year strong. At the end of the semester, where random fees and obligations tend to appear, the micro-scholarship gave me a sense of comfort in that regard.” – C. Williams, Hampton University

“The micro-scholarship was a blessing as it helped sustain me through the semester. With this money, I was able to cover personal expenses, which allowed me to focus on school assignments and assessments.” – M. Johnson, LeMoyne-Owens College

If you’re a current HBCU student, APPLY. It’s simple and easy.

If you’re someone who cares deeply about the welfare and educational success of HBCU students, please DONATE.

Together, we can all make a difference.

Share this opportunity to help with others.