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Ending Racism Through Education

Racism is a learned behavior. It’s not enough to teach our kids not to be racist we must teach to be anti-racist. Through education, the future of racism and human rights can look different. We can empower our youth and make a difference.

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Many people avoid the issues of racism because it can be daunting. We give teachers and parents a starting point, showing that the seemingly-insurmountable monster of racism can be unarmed and put to rest.

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We can Learn from the Past

The best way to learn about what needs to change is to teach what has happened. By giving children an honest look at our past, we can give them a frame of reference for the need of a brighter, more accepting future.


Meet Joan and Loki

Bring history to life for your classroom or organization! Contact us to schedule a screening of our film, such as “An Ordinary Hero”, or bring Loki and Joan to your event.

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