Three Things You Can Do NOW To Help End Racism

Almost everyday, you can read stories in the news about racism and prejudice. Some days, it can seem that the fight for civil rights is still raging. And truly, some days it is. That means the fight requires voices that speak up for those that are underrepresented. And one of those voices can be YOU. That’s right, no matter what community you live in, you can have influence for change and equality. Here are a couple of ideas that can help you get started.

  1. Be Informed. Stay on top of the current events regarding civil rights. Look for the news stories about inequality and unfair treatment. Knowledge truly is power and it can give you the courage to step up when you are informed. It’s a lot easier to enter a debate when you know the facts. Look for reputable news sources such as the Washington Post, the New York Times, NPR or the Wall Street Journal. These news media outlets are reliable when it comes to the facts.
  2. Follow Civil Rights Leader on Social Media. It might seem simple, but by keeping up with today’s leaders in civil rights, you will be able to know the issues at hand and when volunteers are needed. There are many Dr. Martin Luther King Jr,’s around. They are strong voices and are always needing support. Some ideas of people to follow are Ta-Nehisi Coates, Van Jones and Patrisse Cullors.
  3. Use Correct Language. Take some time to learn the correct words for underrepresented people instead of the slang that is often used. My changing the way you speak about people, you are able to set an example to others. When we get rid of stereotypes, we begin to humanize people and there is always a need for more humanization. Click HERE for a link to a University of Wisconsin article that details how to properly refer to people by way of their race.


These three things are small tasks that can have a lasting impact. It doesn’t take too much effort to do your part in furthering the cause of equal rights.